Bridgerton begins when Daphne, the eldest daughter of the powerful Bridgerton family, debuts in the competitive marriage market of 19th-century Regency London. With the good reputation of her family and thanks to her beauty, Daphne’s prospects initially seem hopeful. However, everything comes crumbling down when Lady Whistledown, an anonymous writer, publishes a series of slanderous pamphlets about the young lady. In the midst of this problem, Daphne meets the Duke of Hastings, who, in principle, has no intention of getting married. However, for the benefit of both, he agrees to make the rest of society believe they are together.

Madrid, the capital that has always dressed latest fashions

The series excited the whole world with its first season, and part of the work necessary for it come to fruition (its spectacular costumes) was undertaken in Madrid.

By: Manuela Sanoja and Borja Rebull

Madrid is the capital of fashion, and has been since as far back as the reigns of Charles V and his son Philip II during the 16th century. A walk through the central alleyways of Madrid de los Austrias proves it, with its numerous fabric shops, tailors, boutiques offering elegant and unique clothing, which stand between entertainment venues and flamenco bars. Indeed, Madrid is where a 100-year-old tailor’s shop, Peris Costumes, has prepared some of the costumes for productions such as Bridgerton, Emily in Paris or The Queen’s Gambit. Their work has put Spanish fashion in the spotlight as an international fashion hub, whose work graces the small and the big screen alike, not to mention catwalks all over the world. 

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