A cultural and environmental wealth, opportunities for leisure and historical heritage, traditions such as handicrafts, music and agriculture, a unique lifestyle and the ability of Spanish society to offer special experiences – all of these aspects are on display in the series and movies produced for Netflix in Spain.

Spain: an enthralling country

It was only a question of time before Netflix and Turespaña would meet, hit it off and start doing things together. After all, there’s so much that we have in common.

We are both leaders and pioneers in our respective sectors, one in tourism marketing and the other in producing and distributing on-demand audiovisual content. We both share the same mission: to offer the world memorable experiences, whether in the form of stories or unforgettable trips: stories that we can’t wait to share with our friends and family afterwards.

Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to think of a topic of conversation more engaging and omnipresent than our most recent holiday or the latest Netflix series we’ve been bingeing. Is there anything that identifies us more than where and how we travel and the content we enjoy watching?

Add to this the happy circumstance that Spain is not only one of the main global production hubs for Netflix content, but also the backdrop for many of its best series (Money Heist, anyone?) And, as you’ve probably heard, more and more people are choosing the destinations where famous films and series were shot for their next holiday.

It was natural – practically inevitable – that these age-old human desires (being entertained and travelling) would come together in a wealth of content in which Spain plays a leading role: its landscapes, its traditions and, above all, its people. An exciting country with infinite stories and thousand-year-old traditions, a nation that is modern, joyful, monumental, diverse and creative. A country with talent to spare.

Since its foundation 35 years ago, the mission of Turespaña has always been to inspire people the world over to visit Spain, showing them the best of our country wherever they may be: in the street, in travel agencies, in magazines, on TV, and, more recently, on their computers and smartphones.

And do you know where we all are now?

Discovering incredible places, different stories, journeys to other worlds. We find ourselves watching Netflix.

I hope that you enjoy this guide as much as we have enjoyed creating it.



Miguel Ángel Sanz, General Director of Turespaña


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