Nature and culture


The Mess You Leave Behind

A young teacher, Raquel, travels to her husband’s town to take a job left vacant due to a suicide. The secrecy around the death of her predecessor, sharpened by the hostility of her students, feeds an obsession which ends up taking over more and more facets of the main character’s life as the fog lifts and unveils the truth.

Galicia, where the end of the world hides

In The Mess You Leave Behind, the leafy cliffs of the Ribeira Sacra and the magical forests surrounding the Bande hot springs become the best accomplices to hide the harsh truth of a mystery which nobody wants to talk about.

By: Ignacio Hernández and Borja Rebull

An unexpected death in a town where nothing ever happens may not mean much, unless we’re talking about Galicia. The stage for the thriller The Mess You Left Behind ranges from rugged cliffs hidden in the mist to steaming hot springs lost in the vegetation. Produced by Vaca Films, this eight-episode thriller is set in the fictional town of Novariz. A place invented by Carlos Montero, author of the series and the novel on which it is based (winner of the Primavera award), in the image and likeness of Galician municipalities such as Celanova, Allariz or Ribadavia, his native landscape.

The wild nature of this land, where the Romans believed the world ended, is blended with thousand-year-old monuments and ancient settlements. A magical world of superstition where a vibrant culture hides under a veil of mystery, born from the leafy forests, historical cities, picturesque beaches and unique gastronomy. 

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