Rural tourism


The Girl in the Mirror

The Girl in the Mirror, a series created by Sergio G. Sanchez, who was born in Oviedo, was written with specific landscapes and locations in Asturias in mind. The series deals with the misfortunes of a teenage girl named Alma. After a bus crash in which almost all her classmates die Alma is taken to hospital, where she wakes up without any memories. Suspicion becomes omnipresent for this person with no memory of the past, a young woman who is now a blank slate. The belief that everyone is lying to her will begin to envelop her, a world which no longer seems to be her own.


Asturias, a land with soul

A piece of land arises in the north of Spain with a particular aura that makes it unlike anywhere else in the country.

By: Pelayo de las Heras

Here, there are mountains, forests and the sea, but there is one thing that characterises Asturias above all others: its life. This curious land of greens and greys has its own soundtrack which blossoms from the breeze and the squawks of seagulls, accompanying its inhabitants: artisans, innkeepers and businesspeople. They are a small sample of this mixture, a people who are open, affectionate and friendly. This is where we get to know Asturias, amongst the voices of those who play a leading role in the daily life of these iconic settings. This is the region in which The Girl in the Mirror, a new series from Netflix, was filmed: an experience that has left its unmistakable traces throughout the region. A warm presence remains in its businesses, in its streets: one of cameras, actors, and producers. A special affection, one that can break through the routine, is still observed in the words of its inhabitants. Without a doubt, we are in a land with soul. 

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